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It’s Time leaders connect.

Scroll over our partners; sharing insights on water and resource sustainability

Our Partners

Xylem Logo Grey.png
Xylem Logo Colour.png
Grundfos Logo Colour.png
Grundfos Logo RGB.png
Almar Water Grey.png
Almar Water Colour.png
Dupont Logo Grey.png
Dupont Logo Colour.png
Volvo Logo Grey.png
Volvo Logo Colour.jpg
Mamemo logo Grey.png
Mamemo logo Color.png
Water for South Sudan Logo Grey.png
Water for South Sudan Logo Colour.png

Our Strategic Partners

UNESCO IHP Logo Blue.png
UNESCO IHP Logo Grey.png
The World Bank Logo Grey.png
The World Bank Logo Colour.png
USEPA Logo Colour.png
USEPA Logo Grey.png
IWB Logo Grey.png
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IFC Logo Grey.png
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IDA Logo Colour.png
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Strategic Partners
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