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It’s Time we see the connections.

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The W12+ Blueprint is a platform for water solutions.

A dynamic, interactive knowledge-sharing database of best-practice water solutions and insights by the world, for the good of all.

You know something needs to change, but you’re not sure where to start. The W12+ Blueprint opens a portal to solutions from around the world. Whether you are facing challenging conflicts or constraints, the Blueprint provides solutions where you can constantly Learn, Connect, Share, and Create bringing all of us one step closer to a water-secure future.

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Insights and information help Blueprint users engage stakeholders, innovate for new WASH projects, study new financial mechanisms, and more. Case studies combined with open-source resources are a powerful combination to help support and empower your next water initiatives.

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Change begins with our relationships. Through the Blueprint, engage with a network of like-minded individuals and organizations to help support you with your work. Collaborate on projects, exchange knowledge, and more.

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Cross between silos by sharing your perspectives and joining the conversation. When you contribute, you help us grow towards collective growth and combined action.

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Be a part of creating an accessible, detailed, and dynamic knowledge-source for water professionals around the world. Upload your solutions and communicate with others directly on the platform.

The W12+ Blueprint is targeted at city-level decision-makers or local authorities making decisions related to water security in their communities.

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24 Countries
30 Cities
32 Case Studies

24 Upcoming Countries
24 Upcoming Cities

North America

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South America

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Africa & Middle East

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It’s Time we share what we know.

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The W12+ Exchanges are online conversations discussing the frontiers of water challenges.

Facilitated online conversations for leaders and change agents to analyze challenges and solutions.

W12+ Exchanges bring together leaders and change agents across multiple sectors in thoughtfully facilitated online conversations. The challenges we face require hearing from all of us across civil society, the private sector, academia, donors, and more. By harnessing the power of constructive dialogue and shared experiences, W12+ Exchanges catalyze innovative ideas, generate insights, and forge dynamic ongoing collaboration.


It’s Time for local voices to lead.

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The W12+ Hubs facilitates on-the-ground partnerships.

Boosting long-term local capacity through proven solutions and partnership in innovation.

The W12+ Hubs are carefully-chosen location-based programs that focus on the development of urban water solutions via progressive partnerships between local water professionals, specialized water institutes and organizations, and local water champions.


Through an international network of support, W12+ Programs backs local leaders in addressing key areas for water security improvement in their own communities through locally-led interventions. Our approach encourages “outside the box” thinking and facilitates collaboration that might not happen otherwise while striking a balance between short-term action and long-term thinking. Local community visions, goals, and values are maintained throughout with the local organization taking full ownership of the Hub.

South Sudan Hub
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W12+ South Sudan Hub Roundtable Workshop.

Walking Together for Water Security.

Working together with Water for South Sudan (WfSS), an NGO based in both Wau, South Sudan and in the United States, W12+ Programs facilitated a visioning, backcasting, and roadmapping workshop to convene stakeholders and identified four priority project areas for water security.


In 2023, the W12+ South Sudan Hub launched the Water Institute, addressing the first priority area in drinking water quality monitoring. All four priority areas are shown below.


Nature based solutions

for source water protection

Drinking water quality

monitoring for

public health improvement

Groundwater monitoring for

improving knowledge

of existing water supplies

Progressive, inclusive, and water smart urban planning for increased urbanization and climate change

W12+ supplements WfSS’s expert localized knowledge with internationally available resources, including cutting-edge technical solutions, innovative finance, up-to-date climate projects, and regional socio-economic and environmental analyses.


Projects have received government endorsement from the Directorate General of Rural Water Supply and Sanitation and from South Sudan’s Urban Water Corporation. Partnerships to design these projects including collaborating with the International Capacity Development Network for Sustainable Water Management (Cap-Net) and Michael Schaefer, Ph.D. (groundwater monitoring).

The Water Institute South Sudan

In South Sudan and across sub-Saharan Africa, roughly one in four handpumps are reported as non-functional. There is often no capacity to rehabilitate the equipment due to a shortage of pump mechanics and those trained in electromechanical skills. This leaves about 40% of people in the country unable to access water.


As part of the W12+ South Sudan Hub, W12+ Programs and WfSS launched the Water Institute to improve technical capacity for drinking water quality monitoring and to reduce waterborne disease and illness incidence in the country. In March 2023, the pilot module on “Water Quality for Climate Adaptation” was launched.

The Water Institute has been endorsed by the Ministry of Water Resources and Irrigation and the Ministry of Education and is registered under the WfSS Foundation. About Education (Netherlands) and the Agency for Professional Development (South Sudan) have supported the curriculum.

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El Minya Hub

W12+ El Minya Hub Roundtable Workshop.

Stakeholder Consultation for Long-term Water Interventions in El Minya.

In partnership with Life from Water, W12+ Programs co-facilitated a deep-dive workshop on identifying actionable pilot projects relevant to water security in El Minya (Egypt). The workshop brought together stakeholders from across the country, creating new connections and introductions for many participants. 

Joannesburg Hub
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W12+ Johannesburg Hub Roundtable Workshop.

Through the Eyes of the Consumer.

In South Africa, W12+ Programs is working with the National Business Initiative’s (NBI) water team in Johannesburg. The W12+ South Africa Hub will focus on the greater Johannesburg Metropolitan Area, including the cities of Johannesburg, Ekurhuleni, and Tshwane. Following the model established in South Sudan and El Minya, W12+ Programs and the NBI teams work closely to produce research documents, including a benchmarking report and a SWOT analysis. The teams will then identify key opportunities for water security initiatives.

Emerging key thematic issues include: natural vulnerability, financing and revenue, targeted water demand management strategies, aging water infrastructure, water and sanitation delivery, and supply constraints.


It’s Time to drive-in new beginnings.

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The W12+ Drive-in is an award winning innovative conference model.

Creating compelling connections in the Covid climate.

The necessity for collaborative co-creation around critical urban water issues, did not magically evaporate because the pandemic took sudden precedence. If anything, the huge current focus on hygiene makes this even more pressing. Now, the W12+ Drive-Ins provide a trailblazing hybrid model of physically gathering at a safe social distance, to devise dynamic water-related solutions for our cities, as we congregate together-apart in the same shared space, under endless open skies. They represent the type of innovative solution, regardless of circumstance, which is the bedrock of all W12 initiatives - unveiling a dynamic new format, which allows us to safely congress, conference, convene and carry on with crucial water work that has become more urgent than ever.